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Our Services

Car Towing and Removal
We are able to professionally tow your car whenever required and also offer car removal services.
Machinery Towing
We are experts at loading, transporting and unloading your valuable machinery.
  Forklift   Towing
Let us move your Forklift safely and promptly.
Motorcycle Towing
We have a safe and professional method transporting your valued motorcycle, with proven loading and unloading methods.
Site Huts Pickups and Dropoffs
Need to relocate your temporary office or site hut to another location or even a new site, then we are able to assist.
Container Pickups and Dropoffs
We have a safe and proven method for loading and unloading Containers and in most cases do not even require a crane for the unloading side.

Why Choose Us?



We are always on time and if there is a delay we will call ahead to advise.



We are consistently providing great quality services to your customers.



Our word is our bond, we are sincere and are straight forward in all our dealings.



We are Registered with all of the appropriate Authorities in Victoria to legally service you.

You Call, We Haul!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Are you only taking my vehicle for scrap metal?

A : Yes, our only interest in your vehicle is the scrap metal value.

Q : Do you strip my vehicle for parts?

A : No, we are not a spare parts provider and typically interest in used spare parts is non existent unless you have a classic or unique vehicle.

Q : Where are you taking my vehicle?

A : We will be taking your vehicle to a scrap metal yard.

Q : Why a scrap metal yard rather then try to sell my vehicle?

A : We are in the scrap metal business and not the car reselling business, typically in our experience if your vehicle had a resale value you would have already sold it privately.

Q : Will my vehicle be crushed or shredded?

A : The scrap metal yard that we work with only shreds vehicles.

Q : How can I pay for your services?

A : We only accept Cash payments for security reasons, we will issue an invoice for all work performed and payments received.

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